Complaint Management System

Agriculture, Supply & Prices Department, Government of Sindh

Minister Message

Agriculture is a backbone of our economy. In this modern era, where we have embraced the agricultural sector with advanced facilities to achieve better agricultural production, there moving one step ahead, we have established "online complaint cell" for our grower brothers. With this complaint cell, our grower brother shall forward their complaints to us and Agriculture, Supply & Prices Department will take immidiate action on their complaints. Not only this but also our grower brothers shall get better and useful advices for their crops from our agricutural experts. Let us come and join us for betterment of our agricultural production and lets build our beloved Sindh prosperous.

Sohail Anwar Khan Siyal
Agriculture, Supply & Prices Department, Government of Sindh

Secretary Message

Feeling very pleased to announce that we have established the “Online Complaint Cell” for our all growers, for advice regarding corps, lands and file complaints. So that, agricultural production can be encourged in our beloved Sindh, under the facility, our grower brothers can get valuable information while sitting at home, and the department will take immidiate action of their complaints.
Our goal-Green prosperous Sindh.

With Well wishes
Sajid Jamal Abro
Agriculture, Supply & Prices Department, Government of Sindh